Wednesday, March 12, 2008

So, why would I say "ADD Artist?"

I LOVE creative pursuits! And, I guess I came by it honestly - I grew up in a family that is always making something. I apparently made my first pair of earrings at age three according to my Dad. Now, it really doesn't seem to matter to me what medium I have in my hand at the moment - just that I'm working with my hands to make something and I'm lost in the creative and intuitive process. It has become therapy for me. I know it keeps me sane because if creativity is missing from my regular schedule I'm not much fun to live with. So, one day I might be melting glass, another day I'm hammering metal, the next I'm painting with acrylic, then journaling with colored pencils.
Some might say "jack of all trades, master of none"....but I'm OK with that. I can find bliss in almost any medium and the exploration of something new is exhilarating for me. The joy is in the process. NOT focusing on the outcome removes the tension. Here's a sampling of my creative explorations:

Heaven's Window - Watercolor Mandala

Empowerment Goddess - Acrylic on canvas

Dreaming of Phi - Wall Sculpture - wood, copper, steel, glass

Blue Butterfly - Acrylic on Watercolor paper

I Love You Warts and All - Lampworked glass bead necklace

Earth Mandala - Colored pencil on black paper get the picture - ADD Artist.
Today I'm reading about pastels and thinking about attempting a self-portrait. That's something I haven't done yet....hmmmm, sounds fun!
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