Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Celebrate The Divine Feminine Today

Today, November 3, 2010, is a significant day according to the Mayan Calendar.  I watched a video today of Dr. Carl Calleman speaking on the topic.  He said that specifically it signaled an end to domination, and in particular "male" domination.  So, we truly step into a time of growing feminine energy and a re-balancing of the masculine and feminine all it's forms.  Moving away from destruction and consumption and toward creation and nurturing.  Moving away from left-brain dominated thinking, and toward a balanced right-brain / left-brain process.  That can only be good for all on our planet.   Time to embrace all that is Divinely feminine with-in us....the Goddess calls!

This video is a celebration of 500 portraits of women in art over the years.  Created by Philip Scott Johnson.  The music is Bach's Sarabande from Suite for Solo Cello No. 1 in G Major, BWV 1007 performed by Yo-Yo Ma.
Women In Art from Philip Scott Johnson on Vimeo.

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